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Hi, I’m Mia.
I’m an RYT 500-hour yoga instructor, an animal movement coach, an acrobatic pole trainer, and the creator of a transformative practice called kinetics. Throughout my life, I have immersed myself in various athletic disciplines, reaping their countless benefits.
My journey as a trainer began five years ago when I felt a natural evolution beyond existing training systems. I discovered a deep calling to share my knowledge and expertise, which I had always considered a gift from the universe.
As both a perpetual student and teacher, I am continually training and learning. I am passionate about sharing my practices to help individuals grow, both mentally and physically. EY represents the goodness in my name and surname, acknowledging that everyone’s interpretation of “good” is unique.
I firmly believe that we can all manifest our aspirations and evolve from within. Achieving balance requires nurturing every aspect of ourselves. One practice alone is like eating the same food every day; we need diverse challenges to foster growth and become healthier individuals.
I already engage in four training systems, yet I constantly seek more. Humans possess immeasurable and unparalleled skills. No one has the right to limit us; it is we who determine our boundaries. Together, we can embark on an Ithaca journey within our bodies and minds.
I welcome you all to join me on this transformative path. Namaste.

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